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My Dream Photography Destination

When most people think of their ideal place to photograph, I would assume that they would choose a location like Paris or Italy or Rome, and if you would have asked me that same question a few years ago I more than likely would have listed off those places as well. However, in the past 2 years I have grown very fond of the idea of traveling to Africa. Maybe it’s the people, maybe it’s the land, but whatever it is, it makes me want to fly there today. The only thing that is truly holding me back from leaving is the money. If I had unlimited funds I would stop my life dead in its tracks and go live in Ghana for 3 months. I know that it would be a life changing experience, I can't wait to do it someday. I think the biggest struggle for photographers is following through on things that they know they want because either money or time or availability is an issue. Not only would it be more beneficial for our art, but it would be incredibly beneficial for our souls if we only chose to throw caution to the wind and chased after what our hearts desired.

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