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Sometimes I question why I moved here, not because I don't absolutely love Utah, but because back home I had a fluid photography business that made a good amount of money. Now that I am in the world of aspiring photographers (and wanna-be mommy photographers) I can't seem to market myself enough to get any kind of work. Although I view this as a negative thing I have been able to find some positive aspects such as it has given me a lot more time to work on the fine-art side of my photography. Lately I have had the biggest urge to photograph engagement photos in the mountains and because of this today my post will be about the photography spots in Utah county that I am so excited to shoot at:

1. Jollys ranch at hobble creek canyon

Image by: Jamie Tervort Photography

2. Provo River by Utah lake

Image by: Chris Bunker Photography

3. Orchard at Utah State Hospital

Image by: McKenzie Deakins

4. Stewart Falls Near Trail Head

Image by: Chris Bunker Photography

5. Tibble Fork reservoir At American Fork Canyon

Image by: Alyssia B Photography

6. Lavender Fields in Mona Utah

Although this is not in Utah county, I have been dreaming of shooting at this lavendar field since I was a junior in high school. I have never been so in love with a field ever before, I can’t wait to go down sometime next week! (I will keep you updated)

Image by: Connie Balluff Photography

I know that this is simply a list of photography spots with no explanation except for a photo; however, I plan to photograph at every single one of these spots before the end of my Freshman year at BYU so I will follow up on whether or not they fulfilled my expectations!

Creating a list such as this is a great way to collect your ideas and plan out your photoshoots in an orderly fashion. At the beginning of this post I was mainly writing down the places I want to capture; nevertheless, now I that I have them all down I have thought out specific images that I plan to take when I go to each location which entices me to be more proactive in getting to these gorgeous places.

So what’s this have to do with you?

Make YOUR list, plan YOUR images, live an adventurous life, and be the photographer that you’ve always wanted to be.

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